CV Kim Kroes, The Hague, 1960

Since 2005 Kim Kroes has been seized by the possibilities offered by the pure white marble from Carrara. He started to learn how to sculpt at Studio Sem, one of the world famous stonework studios in the artistic town of Pietrasanta, Italy.

Kroes is fascinated by the torso, this body part says everything about the body; the movement, direction and dynamics, without losing itself in details.

The line around the sculpture is typical for his handwriting.
The way in which abstract and organic shapes embrace each other, gives his work an erotic and lively dynamic.
KABK, The Hague
From 2005: 
working at Studio Sem, Pietrasanta, Italy
From 2015: 
working at Studio La Polveriera, Pietrasanta, Italy
2009, 2010: 
TEFAF, Kunsthandel Ivo Bouwman, Maastricht
From 2010: 
Kunsthandel Ivo Bouwman, The Hague
Het Cleijne Huys, The Hague
Kunsthandel Mark Smit, Ommen
From 2012: 
Beeldenpark Duin & Kruidberg, Santpoort
From 2014: 
Sculpture garden, commissioned by “Landgoed Rijckholt”, Geersdijk, Zeeland

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