Sculpturegarden Ryckholt Estate


The Grevenlaantje with a Sculpture Garden is a gift from Jonkheer Paul Greven to the Ryckholt Estate in Geersdijk in Zeeland, as a token of his gratitude for the excelent care he recieved there till his death in 2017.

This assignment was realized by the sculptor Kim Kroes in 2014.


The sculpture on the bent pillar that moves with the body of the torso, is called “Curva” (curved), and symbolizes the movement of life.


The sculpture “Equilibrio” (balans) in the middle of the serpentwall, symbolizes the balance everyone wishes for in life. 


And finally “Angelo” (angel), the sculpture on the mound, surrounded by balls, symbolizes the connection to/with the cosmos.


Between these ruins (a Folly) with natural greenery one can find rest, reflection and nature.