Since 2005 I have been working several months a year in the Italian scultors-city Pietrasanta.
There, in the studio, I can surrender myself to the magic that the white statuario marble harbours.
This beautiful marble is won in nearby Carrara, in the famous quarries, and includes many kinds of marble, depending on how high, how deep, or which mountain it is taken from.

Examples are:
Bianco carrara, statuario puro, calacatta or the beautiful grey marble bardiglio. My preference lies with venatino gioia, because of the beautiful clear vains.

When I stand in my usual spot in the studio, early in the morning, I enjoy the sun just coming up over the mountain and just touching my sculpture with its first rays. These slanting rays explore my dew covered sculpture and mercilessly show all the bumps and uneven bits. I work well in this great morning light, sanding and getting everything into the correct shape.
My subject is mostly the female torso and I work it out of these various marbles. Cut offs, planes, volume and direction are typical of my work, movement and balance play a great role. The very lovely natural veins in the marble not only give an extra movement, but also add a painterly element. This way I can form the marble to my hand.
In Holland I make bronzes that are cast at Pie and Thomas Sijen in Beek, Limburg. They specialize in the “cire perdue”, or lost wax method of casting, which gives the statue a beautiful outer surface. I find this very exciting because it makes every bronze sculpture unique.

Kim Kroes, sculptor

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